Status and Plans

Shumer and Fall of Allagard - Version 3.1

1. Remaining 10 Miscellaneous quests (for a total of 40 in Shumer)
2. six more books (done)
3. Custom dialogue for guards and priesty
4. Vale of Anu and Anu Hold (NPCs to do)
5. Random and Story related dialogue (half done)

Pirates of the North Version 3.5

1. 23 Miscellaneous quests - in Pirates Cove, Allagard Estate and the Villages (done).
2. 7 Misc quests on Island of Althira (done)
3. 6 Misc quests on Island of Barbella (done)
4. Random Dialogue (done)
5. Voicing 320 lines of dialogue (1/4 done)

Shumer and Fall of Allagard - Version 3.2
1. City of Lagar
2. Ruined palace and underground
3. Cave in Southwest
4. Shumer Alchemy system with new ingredients and potions (part done)
5. four more books
6. Enkir's Retreat - a manor/castle (external done)

Pirates of the North Version 3.6

1. Skyrim Pirate Quests - 12
2. Side quests and Miscellaneous quests for the two Northern Towns and Islands
3. Volcanic Islands (worldspace and externals done)

When all the quests are in the Mod will be re-released as:

Shumer and Priest Kings (being done in parallel but not enabled in esp) Version 1


Custodian Quest-line - 8
Free Trader Guild Quests - 7 (4 done)
Guardian Quest-line - 7 (4 done)
Ranger Guild Quests - 7
Guardian Radiant and side Quests - 11
Shumer Side Quests - 10
Follower Quests - 4

Quest related Structures:

Underground areas - 10 (4 done)

Miscellaneous Stuff

Priestly spells and Divine favours system (Religious stuff basically)
Alternate starts (For Cleric and Paladin)

Shumer and Priest Kings Version 2+

Island of Dilmun (finally the king of Shumer appears)
Fall of Allagard Quest-line - 5
Mysteries of the Past - 4
Temple Quests - 14

Quest related Structures:

Underground areas - 5

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