Shumer is a new world mod for The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim. The world of Shumer has a very different lore to that of Tamriel but is as ancient. The link to download on Nexus is: Shumer and the Fall of Allagard

Shumer consists of five provinces Arat, Arata, Harata, Dilmun and Kholinor. The first four are part of a loose confederation under a King who rules from Dilmun an island just off the coast of the continent.  This mod concerns itself with Kholinor, Harata and Dilmun and the rather wilder  Arat. The land of Kholinor is basically the rump of what was a large kingdom 1000 years ago. It used to occupy more than half of the continent of Shumer but now is limited to a strip of land surrounded by mountains. To its South is the land of Harata and to the West Arat, the region known as Arata is in the far south and not shown on this map (nor is it represented in the worldspace). This mod creates the the provinces of Kholinor, Harata, Arat and the island of Dilmun(TBD) and two small islands called Barbella and Althira. Kholinor consists of three towns Akkad, Summna and Volhinor (Akkad is technically outside the borders and grew with trade). Harata has a single walled city of Talhinor, a mining settlement and a port. Arat consists of the large walled city of New Eridu (the Capital) and the smaller Lagar in the South and the two cities of Dagana and Warka in the North with a number of smaller settlements scattered throughout the province. Primarily Kholinor trades with Dagana, and Harata trades with New Eridu and the islands of Salapan and Dilmun. The date in this world chronology is 951 AW (stands for After the Winnowing) as opposed to BW (Before the Winnowing).


The World of Shumer

Technical Stuff