The Hunters and Hunted

The Hunters and Hunted Collection was a republication in book form of a series short stories published in general on a monthly basis by the Dagmar Ilumina over a period of a year. The tales were intended for children in late youth, but the quality and maturity of the writing made them also popular with parents. The republication was a joint effort between Dagma Press and New Eridu Publications and the books were issued over a 6 month period in 904 aw. They proved to be the most successful publication in the history of either publisher.

Lions of Arat

More Lions of Arat

Among the Sharks

Snakes of Dilmun - Part 1

Snakes of Dilmun - Part 2

Trapped - Part 1

Trapped - Part 2

The Lost Treasures

Being a collection of stories surrounding alleged and lost valuable artifacts

Lost Treasures of Shumer - Vol 1

Lost Treasures of Shumer - Vol 2

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